Thursday, June 7, 2012



22km from the land of the exotic art form of theyyam-the northern district of Kannur is the small town of Thalassery. In this town stands an imposing historical monument the Thalassery Fort.
The East India Company which had established its settlement on the Malabar Coast in 1683 built the monument as a testimonial of their colonial imperialism in 1703. The fort was once the nucleus of Thalassery’s development. The imposing square fort has massive walls, huge, intricately carved doors and secret tunnels to the sea all in all, the perfect setting for you to get an authentic taste of some local history and heritage! Thalassery fort which was once the nucleus of Thalassery’s development. It is now a historical monument.
The British arrived in Thalassery in 1683 and erected a goods shed there. They shifted their commercial capital to Thalassery from Kozhikode, following obstruction from the Dutch.

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