Thursday, June 7, 2012


Bekal Fort is one of the largest preserved forts in Kasargod district of Kerala. The fort gets its uniqueness quotient from its exotic structure, which is shaped in the form of a keyhole. It was exclusively meant for the purpose of providing defense to the territory. Bekal Fort is prominent, because unlike most of the Indian forts, this monument does not have a palace or a mansion. For that matter, even the remains of any such structure cannot be found in Bekal Fort. The holes which are made on the outer walls of the structure are specially designed, so that the fort could be defended in case of a war. The holes on top are designed to aim at the farthest enemy, while the holes which are lower on the wall are for striking when the enemy is approaching. This shows how much time and hard work was spent in forming the design of the Fort.
During Kolathiri kingdom’s reign, Vekkolath Fort was identified by a number of scholars as the Bekal Fort. It is supposed that later the Bednore rulers rebuilt the fort and heavy renovations were done to improve it. Bekal Fort has supposedly served the Nayakas in establishing their dominance in the then called Malabar region. Later, the Nayakas found out the economic importance of the port and hence, they fortified the Bekal Fort subsequently.

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