Friday, June 8, 2012



Aralam wildlife sanctuary is the northernmost protected area of Kerala state, situated in the southeast part of Kannur District. The sanctuary area falls in Aralam, Kelakam and Kottiyoor revenue villages and is located in the Northwest slopes of Western Ghats contiguous with the forests of Coorg (Kodagu) district of Karnataka state. Aralam is a contiguous block of forests stretching to the adjacent Wayanad-Brahmagiri and Wayanad northern slopes. The forests are also contiguous with the protected areas of the Karnataka state namely the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary and also with the forests of Coorg and assume much importance in meta population management especially with regard to the case of larger mammals such as Gaur, Elephant, Tiger and endemic primates such as Lion-tailed macaque, and Nilgiri Langur. The Cheenkannipuzha, a major tributary to the Valapattanam River originates from the forests of Aralam and this river is very crucial in controlling the Agro-Economy and Fishery- Economy of Kannur District. Perennial nature of the river is very much depended on the watershed services provided by the Aralam forests. It is the only protected stretch of forests in the district and since man-wildlife conflict is a mounting problem in the region, due to the presence of larger fauna, Aralam wildlife sanctuary has tremendous scope in the field of Conservation, Education, Research and creating environmental awareness. Aralam sanctuary forms a vital link in the network of protected areas stretching from north to south along the Western Ghats. Aralam forests with its local specialized ecological niche support a variety of endemic species, which are in the verge of extinction.

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