Wednesday, November 9, 2011



Theyyam is a method of demonstrating the supernatural, the spirit world, inhuman powers, gods and goddesses, and bringing them into the human world through the vehicle of specified people who are born into this role. These individuals achieve these feats by dressing in the intended form of the desired effigy and performing rites and rituals that have been prescribed by their ancient traditions. These traditions have been passed down, and have developed, over centuries and centuries. The theyyam performer usually begins with propitiating the god they wish to manifest. After specified rituals are performed, including thottam (invocation), singing about the life of the god, and dancing, the performer enters a trance state and becomes possessed by the god. Acting as a vessel for the god, the performer now becomes an oracle. As a physical embodiment of the god, the audience worship the performer who in turn showers them with blessings. In addition, he is an oracle so people often ask the deity various questions about their lives, about the future, and ask for help, boons, and general welfare.

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