Saturday, November 12, 2011

Theyyam, teyyam

Teyyam, Theyyam

Theyyam, one of the popular folk traditions in North Malabar of Kerala, is famous for its vividness, and passion of people, and it is admirable in nature. The Teyyam or Teyyattam is a popular cult in Malabar which has become an inseparable part of the religion of the village folk. As a living cult with centuries-old tradition, ritual and custom it embraces almost all castes, classes and divisions of Hindu community in this region.

Teyyam is a magico-riligious observance. It is highly conditioned by myth. Such is the nature of theyyam and its powerful consequences. The very word teyyam brings forth in the mind of a listener an enchanting and beautiful picture. Nevertheless, in the case of the people of North Malabar, the word has more than one meaning . It is an indispensable part of their religion, and they observe it as their guide and protector. The believers who hold its ire bear woes and its blessing gifts for their well being. There are male and female teyyams. According to their nature, and myth in particular, it is possible to classify teyyams into different types namely, teyyams of God and Goddess, Ancestors, Heroes and Heroines, Spirits and Devils, and Nature or Animals. More details pls visit

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