Wednesday, November 23, 2011

teyyam, Theyyam

Theyyam Festival in Kerala

Kaliyattom and Thirayattoms mark the Kavu festivals of Northern Malabar. Theyyam, said to be part of Kerala’s folk art is rich in its colour, light, and performance. There is dance, art, story telling and fortune-telling ceremonies incorporated with Theyyam. The interaction of deities with devotees is a marvelous sight of Malabar villages.Hundreds of thousands of deities around Malabar is appearing before the believers during the season which begin in February. Those who live outside the villages return home with nolstagic memories if the unique celebrations during the Theyyam festivals. Sleepless nights and restless days would become a special mark of the cultural extravaganza.Theyyam and Thira forms of art thus become a blend of devotion and folk culture; a spectacular festival of northern villages. Deities in the temples come along with Karanavars of tharavad to celebrate the festivals. Visit for more details.

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