Thursday, September 8, 2016

Theyyam Festival


  The Malayalam day Thulam 10, ( October 26 0r 27, every year ) Malabarians celebrate as ‘Pathamudayam’. The day has immense importance in North Malabar as the day ensures self sufficiency of the agricultural crops and sound wealth and health of the common people. Almost all the sacred shrines in North Malabar are performing certain poojas and rituals during the occasion to appease their God and Goddesses. More over the shrines like Kavu, Kotam and certain temples are starting their open ceremonies for the season to welcome their living God ‘Theyyam’. This particular day is called ‘Pathamudayam’ and the function performed during the day is generally termed as ‘Puthari Ulsavam’. This is the starting day of the Theyyam performance in North Malabar. Most of the Kavu and shrines perform half make up theyyam called ‘Vellatam’ and original full make up theyyam will perform later during the calendar date. The Chathampalli Kshethram in Kattamballi performs the first theyyam kaliyattam during the season and Vishakandan theyyam is famous here.

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