Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lady Theyyam


Myth and Legends of Devakkooth

The plot of the story is a pretty girl along with her maids come down from heaven to collect rare flowers from the small island. It was described that Thekkumbad island was enriched with rare wild flowers which was a great attraction for celestial nymphs. Suddenly the girl became isolated and she entangled inside the forest. Others searched her a lot but in vein they left the place. Unable to move she became worried and prayed for the help of Naradan. He appeared and helped the girl and moved to the area of Thayakavu. Further they reached Koolom area and she had put up in a temporary shed with coconut leaves for changing the dress. Llater on both of them crossed the Thekkumbad river in a wooden trough and reached Ayiram Thengu Valluvan Kadavu to move to heaven more details pls visit

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